Cooling & Impingement Inserts

The ever increasing pressure on cooling and secondary airflow management has necessitated the increase in capability and complexity of turbine inserts.

SAVI has developed and applied state of the art industry process forming technology, mating this with the latest 3D image qualification for assured process repeatability Our cost base allows us to maintain the accuracy and component cleanliness of EDM when component definition requires, while still being cost optimum within this component sector.

Honeycomb Rails

The increasing need for multi stage blade fin sealing, combined with the need to minimise stage mass has forced turbine manufacturers to integrate ever more complex fabricated seal segment designs.

SAVI integrates its sheet metal fabrication capability with its AS certified supplier management capability to allow it to produce and supply complex honeycomb assemblies

Combustor & General Components

The broad integrated mix of capability within SAVI allows us to offer customers the supply of a wide range of machined – fabricated and assembled parts. From single pressed inserts to complex combustor assemblies, SAVI is able to engineer and deliver a varying level of component and able to work with both OEM and Tier 1 suppliers within the Aero and IGT market sectors

Complex Fabrications

The ability to work with steel and Nickle alloys within an capability that crosses conventional, non-conventional and assembly technology allows SAVI to present a comprehensive assembly proposition to the market. Our in house engineers and tooling capability allow us to deliver quick turnaround product development to a customers needs, while also maintaining a low cost model for projected longer term production.

Our weld capability allows us to both assemble in house fabricated units and also mate these to externally (customer) supplied mounted components when needed.