Precision Metal Forming

SAVI has developed an extensive press form capability, embracing processing approaches from both sides of the Atlantic, which often differ due to their root point of initiation and development.

We have an extensive range of forming technology available which allow us to develop an optimised solution around the specific component requirement. All process development is defined around robust operator instruction and is designed to ensure the highest quality and standard of process capability and repeatability.

Weld Assembly

SAVI has implemented multiple weld technologies and integrated them with varying levels of manual, semi and full automation in order to achieve the highest level of weld process integrity and repeatability.

SAVI is engaged with the further application of semi-autonomous robot weld applications, specifically for application on mixed process high volume Aero applications.

Conventional & Non-Conventional Machining

SAVI has a mix of CNC conventional and non-conventional machining technology, encompassing milling, grinding, EDM wire and sinker applications. This allows us to fully machine components in house with no requirement for external machine support – thus we are able to both develop a flexible workforce by virtue of the process mix installed but also retain control of our process delivery in order to ensure customer delivery and score card adherence is not compromised.