New Product Introduction - NPI

Within SAVI, the NPI process is managed through a clearly defined protocol which itself is part of the company broader Quality Management System.

The NPI process is run within a gated process in order that all key decisions for process, tooling, procurement can be both collectively agreed and recorded for future review and accountability through to product delivery.

SAVI pulls on its resources both in Mexico and UK during this phase of a product implementation in order to ensure we have the broadest and best possible perspective and experience application.

SAVI applies a validation process within the NPI protocol that can support both a First Article Inspection Report – FAIR or Production Part Approval Process – PPAP, depending upon customer specific requirements

Component - Tool Solid Modelling

SAVI offers its customers full solid modelling solutions and support, we apply Solid Works to so this, feeding directly into our tool making resource.

SAVI has application for direct customer real time review and can exchange models in support of the NPI process accordingly.

In House Tool Making

Precision manufactured tools and fixtures are always key to delivering compliant products repeatedly to the customer. SAVI utilises its own dedicated in house tool facility, based in UK where tooling manufacture is both state of the art and recognised as being the highest value vs cost in the market.

By sourcing this technology and resource, SAVI has been able to accelerate its internal technology development and capability to market. SAVI also operates a pre-approval process within its UK tooling site prior to a fixture being released to Mexico for FAIR and production approval.