Cooling & Impingement Inserts

The ever increasing pressure on cooling and secondary airflow management has necessitated the increase in capability and complexity of turbine inserts.

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Honeycomb Rails

The increasing need for multi stage blade fin sealing, combined with the need to minimise stage mass has forced turbine manufacturers …

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Combustor & General Components

The broad integrated mix of capability within SAVI allows us to offer customers the supply …

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The best of both Technical and Commercial Worlds

SAVI draws on its UK engineering and tool making division in order to define and supply process tooling from within an ISO9001:2015 qualified facility that may be considered globally world class at class leading pricing. SAVI then passes this tooling over to its Mexican based low cost manufacturing facility that is covered by AS9100-D qualification in order to deliver manufactured product at a world class leading unit cost.



Precision Metal Forming

SAVI has developed an extensive press form capability, embracing processing approaches from both sides of the Atlantic, which often differ due to their root point of initiation and development.

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Weld Assembly

SAVI has implemented multiple weld technologies and integrated them with varying levels of manual, semi and full automation in order to achieve the highest level of weld process integrity and repeatability.

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Conventional & Non-Conventional Machining

SAVI has a mix of CNC conventional and non-conventional machining technology, encompassing milling, grinding, EDM wire and sinker applications.

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SAVI Precision Engineering is an
engineering company registered in
Sonora, Mexico, supported by a
subsidiary in Colne, UK.



SAVI sets out to install and maintain a Quality Management System – QMS to the highest standard as expected by our Aerospace and Industrial customers, so we are certified:

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